What is a Lumnique Personalized Certificate?
This certificate comes with every Lumnique candle regardless of the gift set selected. Each certificate affirms that the candle is an authentic Lumnique Candle, hand poured and created in the recipient’s honor. Each certificate also includes the details behind the selected Intention, Color, and Fragrance of that specific candle. If you chose to write a personal message, this is also included on the certificate.

Do we create the certificate ourselves?
No. We do this for you. As you build your candle, all of your selections are automatically saved and are populated after you place your order. We print the certificate and send along with your candle.

If I choose a Gift Idea from your various suggested combinations, will the recipient know I did not take the time to choose the intention, color, and fragrance myself?
No. We just wanted to make it a little easier for our customers by giving some ideas/suggestions of some of OUR favorite gift combinations. Your Lumnique candle and certificate will be as beautiful and unique as the rest, and there is no indication that any guidance or suggestion was given during its creation.

Do you house any pre-made candles?
No. We do not house any premade candles in our inventory. All of our soy wax candles are created and poured individually after an order is placed.

What kind of wax does Lumnique use?
Each Lumnique candle is manufactured using a clean-burning soy candle wax blend and cotton wick, environmentally friendly color dyes, and natural essential fragrance oils that retain their scent while the candle burns.

What is your shipping policy?
See our Shipping Policy.

What is your returns policy?
See our Returns Policy.